Populism is becoming all the rage these days, from railing against the AIG bonuses to the Tea Parties being organized and well attended across the country. People are rightfully fed up.

Here at home, we have a similar situation happening at Keller ISD. A school district that is running huge budget deficits while increasing class sizes is also rewarding it’s CEO with a 10% raise using the same tired logic that the Wall Street firms are employing, if you think things are bad with the CEO that was supposedly in charge when things went bad, you can’t imagine how bad it would be without him.

The current school board stated that giving Dr. V his $20,000 raise is cheaper than hiring a consultant to replace him. As a commenter on this blog stated, our elected leaders apparently failed third grade math because the cost of hiring the consultant was a onetime $20,000 fee, whereas giving the superintendent a raise is a never-ending cost.

On CNBC this morning the discussion turned to how inflated CEO salaries have become the last 20 years, and the tide is turning against them. I think the tide will soon turn against our Superintendent as the citizens are made more aware of the deep cuts that are going to have to be made in order to balance the budget; all the while he takes a double digit increase in his salary. The taxpayers are sick and tired of rewarding the failures at Citi, AIG and KISD.


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