A Thing of Beauty

That was what everybody that knew anything about baseball said about Mark Prior’s pitching delivery.  My son studied his movements and unsuccessfully tried to copy them.  Prior and hometown hero Kerry Woods were the Chicago Cubs whole future, wrapped up into two strong arms.

In 2003 when the Bartman fiasco happened at Wrigley, I remember my son telling me not to worry, the Cubs would be even better the next year. 

The next year Woods and Prior both broke down.

This is an amazing story about Prior, and whether or not he will ever pitch in the big leagues again. 

Key paragraph for parents with sons that pitch:

You’d hope so, though the universal consensus is that Cubs manager Dusty Baker abused Prior at the end of the 2003 season simply because he knew no better. In Prior’s last nine games, including three in the playoffs, he logged the following pitch counts: 131, 129, 109, 124, 131, 133, 132, 115, 119. House believes the overuse by Baker doomed Prior. Eight pitchers this decade have thrown 109 or more pitches in nine straight games, and half of them needed reconstructive arm surgery. The only other pitchers this decade to throw at least four 130-plus-pitch games in a season, let alone in two months, are Livan Hernandez and Randy Johnson.

Don’t let your son’s coach overuse his arm….no matter how much of a “Hoss” he is.


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