A Keller Citizen Letter to the Editor aimed at me

Well, at the Planning and Zoning Commission as a whole:

Stronger will?


I am hopeful that the Planning and Zoning Commission will do the right thing for the citizens of Keller. For an entity such as Encana to impose its will for the sake of corporate gain over the quality of life of Keller residents is a sure way to topple good will and eventually erode the desirability to live in a community such as ours.

At the meeting on Monday evening, I did not feel the city attorney was very effective in protecting the rights of the many against the will of the corporation. Whatever the original contracts stated, they did not include imposing 24/7 noise, muffled or not, on the entire community for the duration. Encana had a permit to drill a gas well, but an unintended consequence of a poor geology report does not mean it can take whatever measures necessary to get gas out of its wells. The byproducts of these unintended consequences such as noise pollution is not automatic. Encana incurred risks when drilling just as those who agree to sell mineral rights understand that they only get paid if the well continues to produce. Selling out the community to co-exist with mitigated or muffled noise 24/7 for the next 25 years is absurd.

The domino effect of the commission’s decision will be future wells with future compressors, devaluation of homes and depleted water in our water wells in north Keller. We do not wish to enter into an agreement where the residents are clearly the losers.

Encana showed its bullying side this week and wanted a quick response from many people, including commissioners, for whom the company had no answers. The company’s “team” from Calgary was not very encouraging and my impression was Encana can take what they want and run with it.

I urge commissioners to stand firm and do the right thing for all of Keller’s citizens.

Maureen Hagan, Keller

The commission tabled the discussion on the Gas Lift Stations until our next meeting as we collect information and research our options.


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