Response from KISD on the Candidate Forum

Shellie Johnson emails the school districts statement on the Candidate Forum:

Wendy Collins is no longer the council president. She was in the past – the
current president is Jennifer Bradley. The PTA legislative branch has
always hosted this even though it is likely that other candidates have
also been active in the PTA. They are not endorsing anyone and the League of Women Voters actually runs the forum.

As I mentioned in a comment on a previous post, there are a couple of problems as I see it.  First, if a candidate was a past president of the Chamber and they were hosting the forum (as is the case with the City Council Forum) I would also see a conflict problem.  Being a member and active in the PTA is different than being a past President of the Council of PTA’s for the district, where you have access to member lists of all PTA members in the district, will the Council of PTA’s request that Ms. Collins not use any information she has garnered from her time as President of the organization? 

The current President made a comment on this blog on how the Council of PTA’s in non-partisan, and as I replied; non-partisan is completely different than non-political.  If the organization was non-political, why do they have a Legislative Branch?  I don’t know Ms. Collins, and who knows, I may end up supporting her candidacy, but with the recent history in the district (like when the wife of the Superintendent openly campaigns for a School Board Member) my paranoia is raised with each election. 

If you think as a organization they are a little to the left of the mainstream, take a look at this link:

C.08. Gun Safety. PTA supports legislation on gun safety and gun safety education.  [Gun Control]
J.05. CHIP/CPS Funding. PTA supports full funding of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the Child Protective Services (CPS) in order to protect children and their health. [Socialized Medicine]
N.05. Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco. PTA supports strengthening the laws dealing with the use or abuse of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. [Last time I looked, the use of alcohol and tobacco was LEGAL]
R.05. Laws Governing Day Care Centers. PTA supports strengthening laws governing day-care centers and increasing their availability. [Typical Liberal Argument, lets give them more regulation then complain they are too expensive or not readily available]
S.09. Door-to-Door Sales. PTA supports banning door-to-door sales by children 17 and under without parental accompaniment.  [Who requires more door to door sales than the PTA?]
V.09. Tobacco Settlement Money. Texas PTA supports directing tobacco settlement money to programs that benefit children. 
G.08. Equity. PTA supports increased state spending to achieve financial equity without leveling down. [And where do you think this increased state spending is going to come from?]
N.06. Performance Based Funding. PTA opposes performance-based funding  [Oh, the humanity….we shouldn’t reward performance]
O.05. State’s Share of Funding. PTA supports increasing the state’s share of funding to the local school districts.
P.05. Revenue Enhancement. PTA supports any type of revenue enhancement that would continue or increase funding for public education.  [Read this tax increase of any type]
Q.05. Funding for Specific Areas. PTA supports continued state funding of pre-K, kindergarten, bilingual education, vocational education, compensatory education, gifted and talented, special
handicapped needs, textbooks, education service centers, libraries and community education.
R.05. TRS. PTA supports cost-of-living increases for retirees and increases in the state’s contributions to the Teacher Retirement System.  [Sounds more like the teachers union than the PTA, doesn’t it?]

Let me be perfectly clear, I think the PTA does great things at the school level, it’s just when it goes beyond that level that they get out of control.  Just remember when you write your dues check that part of that money is going to support lobbying efforts to raise your taxes in both Austin and D.C.


2 responses to “Response from KISD on the Candidate Forum

  • Jennifer Bradley

    There are no lists to access, we do not have lists of all PTA members in the district…only TX PTA in Austin has that information. The local units do not report that information to Council PTA. You are more the welcome to help in organizing this year’s forum.

  • Big Bob

    Has there been a date/time/location set for the KISD Candidate Forum?

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