Keller Library and Hard Bids

Keller ISD and the City have both in the past used Construction Manager at Risk for their construction projects.  What that means is that they don’t put the job out for bid to General Contractors, but rather negotiate the project with a cost not to exceed number.

I am not a proponent of such measures and have written about my opposition in the past on Keller City Limits.  I feel that it drives the cost up exponentially and it creates too much of a good old boy system between the government entity and the construction manager.  Steele Freeman and Thomas S Byrnes are the Construction Managers for the School District and the City and they have enjoyed almost unlimited contracts over the years.

The Keller Library is currently out for hard bid rather than Construction Mananger at Risk and the latest information I have is that at least 15 General Contractors are bidding the project.  That means more competition and a lower cost of construction.


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