City of Keller Budget Workshop

A quick recap of last Fridays Budget workshop for the City of Keller.  The budget projections are based on taxes will go up by 1 cent, basically to pay for the new Fire Station, Library and fund some drainage issue.  Kind of makes you wonder how the Town Center Library proponents stated that the our taxes wouldn’t go up for their proposal, but yet when we spend less money on a Library taxes are going up.

These are just guidelines as they work on the budget.


  •  1 cent increase in Tax Rate for 2010-11, no increase for following 4 years 
  • 0% increase in property valuation and 3% increase total property valuation each of the next four years
  • 0% increase in Sales Tax revenue for 2010-11, 2.5% increase for 2011-12, 4% increase for the following three years
  • 3% increase in other revenue each year (fines, franchise taxes, etc)
  • Avoiding the 6% increase in water and waste water fees budgeted from this year


  • Assuming subsidizing the TIF for the next 5 years at $500,000/year
  • No increase in employee costs this year (no raises,  step increases or new employees)
  • No new Capitol Improvement Projects except for Rufe Snow
  • Street Maintenance to remain at the same levels as this year
  • Consider raising the Drainage Fee on the water bill by $3 a month

I would suggest that anybody that has anything to do with the budgeting process at Keller ISD take the time to listen to the six hours of tapes of this meeting.

You can tell it’s election season as traffic set another record today with nearly 400 unique visitors.


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