Conflict of Interest Coming Soon Near You

I sent an email to Shellie Johnson of KISD asking about a candidate forum and this is the response I received:

A candidate forum will be hosted by the Keller Council of PTA’s and moderated by the League of Women Voters. They are currently working on setting the date. We will publicize the date when it becomes available.

Thank you!

All fine and dandy, except we have a candidate that is the [edit: PAST] President of the Keller Council of PTA’s. How unbiased will the Candidate Forum be?

On another note, yet another record day for visitors to Beyond Right Field. Thanks again!


3 responses to “Conflict of Interest Coming Soon Near You

  • Jennifer Bradley

    Doug- I wanted to respond to this comment on the Candidates Forum. First, I am the current Keller Council PTA President, Wendy Collins is not serving on our board this year. I can assure you that there is no conflict of interest. The Council PTA has long sponsored the KISD Candidates Forum as a service to the community, it is moderated by the League of Women Voters and is totally impartial. PTA as an organization is non-partisan and does not endorse any specific candidate. Community members are invited to submit questions to the candidates the night of the forum.

  • Doug Miller

    She is the past President of your group, I apologize.

    If the past President of the Chamber of Commerce was running for office and the Chamber was sponsoring a candidate forum, I would question that as well.

    Does she continue to have access to member lists, email lists and mailing lists from the PTA? Will you be asking her not to use lists from her time on the board in her campaign?

    Non-partisan and non-political are two entirely different things.

  • Jennifer Bradley

    No, she does not have access to any kind of lists.

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