Canidate Map for KISD

Just a visual representation of where the canidates that are running live in the district. 



4 responses to “Canidate Map for KISD

  • easterwoodc

    I moved to Keller last July and read about the riff between the two sides of 377. Why is that.

  • Doug Miller

    It would take longer than I have time to explain all the reasons people have a problem with either side of 377.

    The biggest problem I see is that the people in Keller are subsidizing the people west of 377, but yet have no say in KISD as there has been a minority of true Keller residents on the board.

    In fact, with Dr. Farmer not running, we could very well have a board with not one resident living within the city limits of Keller.

  • easterwood

    So the people west of 337 their taxes go to fort worth ISD and not Keller?

  • Doug

    No, taxes within the district stay in the district.

    Property values are much higher on the east side of 377, with more commercial and retail over here.

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