Obama’s Enemies List

After the inauguration, the Obama administration attacked radio host Rush Limbaugh

When CNBC’s Rick Santelli went on his tea party rant, the White House attacked him.

Now, they are going after CNBC’s Jim Cramer for stating his opinion on his show.

Nixon had his enemies list and now we are seeing that the Obama administration is not afraid to make their list public.  I wonder how I can sign up to be on the list?

From Instapundit:

HMM: “What Limbaugh’s selection suggests is that Democrats are running out of blame targets. The Republicans are now a minority in both houses. And as Obama’s failures aggregate into a deepening crisis of confidence the Democrats’ need for villains will increase in an effort to deflect blame. And this is why I despair. I predict that in opting to campaign rather than govern, the Democrats are likely to spread the blame net far and wide. The result will be uber-polarization more typical of socialist and fascist polities. The stock market not cooperating? Blame capitalists, the banks, the ‘investor class.’” Kulaks! Hoarders and wreckers!

Related thoughts here: “Who’s the enemy of the week? A talk radio host! Admittedly, not just any talk radio host. But that’s my point: does the administration realize how silly they look going after Rush? Doesn’t it belie a certain substantive hollowness to Obama’s agenda that he must keep looking for someone to blame, rather than focus on the business of governing? Makes me wonder, with all due respect, how Peggy Noonan can perceive Obama as presidential as this? If Obama were being presidential, he would inspire confidence. That he feels he has to go after Rush to control the debate does not.”

Plus, “This is way bigger than Rush.”


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