Important School Board Meeting Tonight

Former Keller School Board Member and Keller P&Z Member Jarrett Armstrong will present his petition on the Superintendent’s pay raise to the school board tonight.  Media reports have noted that Jarrett has over 500 names stating they are not happy with the raise and asks for a repeal.  My name is one of those 500 and I wish I could attend tonight but I am having to drive to Albuquerque for business this afternoon.   This also means I’ll miss the Tea Party in Ft. Worth tomorrow afternoon, so if you are attending, post up a summary.


3 responses to “Important School Board Meeting Tonight

  • Thomas

    I am dissapointed that Dr. V took the raise. As for the school board, I think their lame excuse, that it would cost $20,000 to conduct a search to replace him if he left, shows how dumb they are. Now they are going to pay Dr. V an extra $20,000 every single year he stays.

    It would have been better if he had left and we only had to shell out $20K once. I’ll bet the third graders have better math skills than the board.

  • Mike

    I would have signed such a petition, had I known about it! I think we should go ahead and let him go, bring in someone who cares more about the kids, than his paychack!

  • Valerie

    Amazing how Dr. V gets a raise yet, according to article in Keller Citizen, we are going to be reducing school employees due to deficit. WOW!!!!

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