State to release Keller Funds

I saw the WFAA newscast the other night where they tried to lambast Keller for having the “more money owed in refunds than any other city in N. Texas”….but, as they dribbled into the end of the segment, Keller has tried repeatedly to get the money released to them.  They even showed a copy of a request form with City Manager Dan O’Leary’s signature.

My wife asked if I was going to get out of bed and blog about it?  I told her no, that the City was on top of the situation and knowing Dan O’Leary, he would get the money.

According to the Keller Citizen, we are getting the refund:

The state comptroller’s office will release $59,020 in unclaimed funds to Keller, the city announced Tuesday.

“This money was something we were aware of and were trying to collect from the state the past few years,” City Manager Dan O’Leary said in the news release.

Keller officials unsuccessfully attempted to claim the money, tax payments collected by the state on the behalf of the city, three times since 2006. The state declined to release the funds until the city “provided proof of the accounts that would be credited,” the release said.

The comptroller’s action followed a report by WFAA/Channel 8 that said Keller had the most unclaimed funds of any city or county in North Texas.


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