Recession Gardening

Last weekend I tilled up a spot on the south side of my house for a garden.  I told my mother who is visiting that this will be my recession garden, but the real reason is because I love home grown vegetables.  We plan on just putting in the basics; tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, onions and peppers.  We’ll see how the garden does this year and make the adjustments for in the fall.

I grew up on a farm in Illinois where my mom and dad had a big garden and my grandparents who lived a couple of miles away on their farm had a huge garden.  My grandfather would put in 100 tomato plants and use the four row planter behind a tractor to plant sweet corn rows. 

My earliest memories are working in the garden and helping out harvesting.  My mom, along with her parents and her sisters and brother would spend countless hours canning and freezing everything from tomatoes to green beans.  I remember sitting at bushel baskets full of green beans snapping the ends, cutting corn off the cob and cutting fresh rhubarb for dinner.  We would eat cherry tomatoes straight out of the garden while we were out playing as kids. 

My garden is an attempt to relive some of those memories. 

Today, the Star Telegram had an article about the resurgence of gardening due to the economic times.  It’s a good read if you plan on putting a garden in this year.


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