Keller Teacher Arrested

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A Keller teacher found herself in handcuffs after police said she went too far during a traffic stop in a Watauga school zone.

Emilee Crow, a second grade teacher at Willis Lane Elementary, has been placed on leave after her arrest last Wednesday. That day, Watauga police said Crow was caught speeding as she headed to school.

Police said Crow threw a temper tantrum during the ten-minute stop, which was recorded by police.

“I’m a freaking teacher, and usually, usually you guys have some idea about that,” Crow can be heard telling the officer at the beginning of the audio recording.

Within minutes, the officer said Crow became more belligerent by throwing her driver’s license and insurance card onto the street. Police said she then took off while the officer was printing her ticket.

“Ma’am, do not pull off; park right here,” the officer can be heard telling Crow.

“I’m going to get my ticket, but I got to get to school,” she responded.

“You need to park right here,” he said.

“No, I don’t have to park back there,” she said back. “Just give me the [expletive] ticket.”

“You’re setting a wonderful example right here in a school zone being a teacher cussing at me [and] yelling and screaming at me,” he said.

The audio then caught the sound of screeching tires. The officer said Crow fishtailed back into her spot and came within a foot of hitting the officer and his motorcycle.

The officer then decided to make an arrest. The officer said he had to use force to get her out of her car and get handcuffs on her.

“Do not fight me,” he can be heard telling Crow. “Put your hands behind your back.”

“You’re not going to make an example out of me in front of every [expletive] parent in school,” she said back.

The officer said as he handcuffed her he noticed the smell of alcohol.

Crow was not charged with driving while intoxicated, but police said she admitted drinking alcohol the night before.

Crow contacted News 8 and said that she was not in the right state of mind the day of her arrest.

Click the link to see a WFAA video with audio of the stop.


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