Texas Democrats aren’t happy

According to this post:

The Lone Star Project takes a dim view of the committee assignments made last week by Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, described as “unquestionably partisan and ideological.”

Straus owes his ascension to speaker to the 64 House Democrats who provided the biggest bloc of votes last month when Straus challenged incumbent Tom Craddick.

“Straus directed the most prestigious and powerful assignments to Republicans, many of them hostile to the very programs and issues they will oversee, while clearly excluding Democrats,” the Lone Star Project reports. The Lone Star Project is part of The Lone Star Fund, which is self-described as “a non-ideological PAC and is not affiliated with the National Democratic Party or the Texas Democratic Party.”

But it is sympathetic to Democrats.

Straus says “fairness” was his guiding principle in putting together his committee structure


One response to “Texas Democrats aren’t happy

  • Thomas

    These folks may be non ideological, but they sure don’t like republicans.

    Their site says;

    The Lone Star Project provides fact based political and legislative analysis designed to help individuals, organizations and the press see beyond the rhetoric and misinformation typically provided by the current Republican State Leadership in Texas and Texas Republicans in Washington.

    How may republicans have chairmanships under Pelosi?

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