Lincoln and the “Old South”

Today is Presidents Day and as I drove into work I noticed the City of Keller had put up all the flags along Rufe Snow as they normally do. Noticed I said “on the way to work”, because I work in a business that doesn’t celebrate “second tier” holidays like Presidents Day, Columbus Day or MLK Day.

I remember growing up in Illinois where we took not only Lincoln’s Birthday, but also George Washington’s birthday off from school until the Federal Government decided to combine the two holidays into “Presidents Day”. My mother, who is staying with us to escape the cold Illinois winter, made a remark that it was funny that Keller has school on Presidents Day and it must be because we are in the “Old South” and honoring Lincoln was not a priority. It was also brought up that my daughter didn’t discuss Lincoln or Washington in school last week.

Granted, I grew up in “The Land of Lincoln” as it is still proudly displayed on the Illinois License Plates, and my nieces and nephew are taught about Lincoln from the first day of Kindergarten.   Don’t you think KISD should have tried to mix in a little bit of Lincoln and Washington last week?


One response to “Lincoln and the “Old South”

  • Lyn

    I’d hate to think that your mother is prejudiced–attributing racist motives to every action that anyone below the Mason-Dixon line takes.

    If I recall, the schools did take off for MLK day.

    Nobody studies history any more, and nobody respects any of our old-time heroes. Nowadays, people protest Columbus (he was a racist), Christmas (it’s non-inclusive), snow (it’s all-white) and just everything you can think of, plus a lot you couldn’t possibly imagine till you see it on the news.

    When you count up all the days the kids take off for arcane “in-service” and made-up holidays like MLK day, you can see that some holiday had to be dropped. Sorry about that, Abe & George.

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