Jose Canseco and The Truth

From the Chicago Trib:

Let me ask you something: Now that Alex Rodriguez admitted he used performance-enhancing drugs and apologized, does that change your opinion of him?

Let me ask you another question: When A-Rod says he didn’t use PEDs after 2003, do you believe him?

Jose Canseco is right. Again. The former White Sox short-timer wrote the book “Juiced,” in which he first named ‘roid users, and then wrote “Vindicated,” in which he was indeed vindicated in naming the biggest name, saying he introduced A-Rod to steroids. His attorney says even more will come out on A-Rod, and it won’t be good. Quick, ask Bud Selig how he feels about Cansceco’s being the most credible source on steroids while Selig and everybody else who appears complicit are the least.

Canseco was villified by the press and MLB when his first book came out, and what do you know?  As each day passes, Canseco looks more and more like the only person telling the truth.  Steroids have been a problem in baseball for years, even drifting down to the High School level (yes, even Keller High School).  Maybe now we can clean up the great game that is baseball.


2 responses to “Jose Canseco and The Truth

  • coffee

    at this point i can hardly remember whether using steroids in pro sports is illegal or not

  • Matt

    Obviously neither MLB nor the player’s union has any incentive to clean up the sport on their own. A simplistic view says that steroids mean more home runs which mean more fans which mean more money for MLB which means more money for the players.

    So outside pressure will need to be applied for change to occur. That pressure can be disgusted fans staying home, more bad press about the biggest stars, Congress intervening, or something else.

    Am I supposed to feel sorry for all the pressure A-Rod felt with his $250 million contract? For some reason I am just not shedding a lot of tears.

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