Recession Hits Home

From the FWST:

Alcon, the global eye-care giant with headquarters in south Fort Worth, is laying off 260 workers – almost half of them locally.

The company notified employees Wednesday morning of the job cuts, which amount to roughly 1.5 percent of its worldwide workforce, said Doug MacHatton, Alcon’s vice president for investor relations.

Of the 260 affected employees, 45 are elsewhere in the United States and 90 are in other countries.

“This is a difficult finanancial environment. It’s a difficult operating environment,” MacHatton said. “The (U.S.) economy has had greater impact on patient dynamics – filling prescriptions, going to the doctor – than any other market in the world.”

My wife Shannon was one of the 260.  Alcon was a company that she had always wanted to work for and she loved her time working for them.  We’ll survive, but it will be tough going.


2 responses to “Recession Hits Home

  • Jay

    Hi Doug. I work for Alcon. Today was a very difficult day as those who remain watched our friends and coworkers who were released exit with their belongings.

    Many of us will be praying for your family and others in the coming days.

  • Shannon


    I was in Sales and worked out of the house, so I didn’t have to see the faces of the rest of the 259…I am sure it was tough.

    I was told to meet my boss and his boss at a hotel lobby…took 10 minutes and was told that a car service was waiting for me out front and to leave the company car in the parking lot.

    Today is a better day!

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