Charter Cable

During the half hour on the phone with Charter about the spotty HDTV service  that I am paying a lot of money for I happened to check my email.  In it was the best news of the week.

Dear Customer,

We have received your RSVP request for FiOS TV, Internet and voice service, and we’re happy to report that FiOS will be available for order soon. We do apologize for the delay and recognize the inconvenience it may have caused.
We value the opportunity to serve you and are working around the clock to deliver on our commitment to bring you the best in broadband and entertainment. A Customer Service Representative will contact you by phone or e-mail within the next two weeks to provide an update on your FiOS RSVP status.


The Verizon Customer Experience Team

I informed Charter that the next phone call would be to cancel their horrible service.


One response to “Charter Cable

  • Mike

    I’ve been having trouble with the spotty HDTV service that charter provides me. Would love to go with FIOS, but, we have 8 tvs in the house, and at $5 per box, = too much for me, as I am a cheap SOB. with charter, I only have one box, and the others just use their own tuner

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