Keller isn’t on the Stimulus list

You can check it out here.  Wonder why we aren’t at the trough with the rest of the nation??


5 responses to “Keller isn’t on the Stimulus list

  • easterwood

    Did Keller decided to support Rail North Texas plan?

  • Doug

    Yes, they voted 5-0 to support the plan.

  • easterwood

    So when do our taxes go up because of it?

  • Thomas

    To be fair, the Rail North Texas funding plan, is now called the Texas Local Option Transportation Funding Act. The Commissioners presented it to the council as a means to fund road projects, similar to North Tarrant Parkway.

    In my opinion, the methods of funding could raise road cash, but I don’t think there is a way to raise the humungous amount of money to build and operate any of the rail line in the Rail North Texas.

    Any tax increase will have to be voted on and the exact project to use the money will have to be specified. The only choices for increases are, new resident impact fee, charged to vehicles previously registered out of state, new fees on vehicle registration renewals, new fee on drivers license renewals and a local gas tax.

    Again, any new fee will have to be approved by voters. I can see this raising hundreds of millions dollars if voted in, but the rail projects are going to cost billions. So hopefully, as the Commissioners pitched it, this will be used for roads, not rail.

    Note that new property taxes are not included as an option to raise money.

  • easterwood

    We just don’t need another thing that does not work and just sucks money from us. Here is something from the Heritage foundation on public transportation.

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