Garbage Redux and Town Center Visioning

I stayed after our Joint P&Z/City Council Meeting to attend the regular session and speak during the Persons To Be Heard portion of the meeting.  I expressed my displeasure with Allied Waste and their tactics. 

Yesterday I ran into City Manager Dan O’Leary and Assistant City Manager Steve Polasek at West Side Deli during lunch and asked how the executive session went.  Mr. O’Leary stated that they had negotiated with Allied Waste to delay their implementing of the new restrictions of trash container size until May while the City Council, Staff and Allied have time to try to come to an agreement.  It looks like we will get an increase in the fee structure at some point. 

Delaying the implementation until May will also put it past the upcoming election. 

During the joint P&Z/City Council meeting we discussed the consultants 20 point plan for Town Center.  There seemed to be a great deal of confusion of what exactly the consultant was hired to do.  I had assumed that the consultant was moving forward with a rewrite of the Town Center portion of the UDC, but when I showed up a little early for the meeting and had a chance to talk to the consultant, I learned that the three page document we got was all he was hired to do.  I don’t know where the communication breakdown came into play, but the City Council also was under the same understanding, hence the quotes you saw in the FWST article yesterday.   Apparently Freese and Nichols proposed to do a lot more, but the City Council didn’t approve that work instead opting for a much reduced fee ($10,000 versus $4X,XXX) for the work that was actually completed.  

 As I stated in an earlier post, I think the general outline that was provided is a big step forward for Town Center.  I am hoping that we can make the necessary changes that other P&Z members wish to make and get it moved on to City Council for their action.


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  • Big Bob

    Wow, next time they want input I will attend the three or four town hall meetings and write down all the comments and bullet point them for $5000 and save the city some money!

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