Richard Ludke is leaving the City of Keller

Keller Planning and Development Manager Richard Ludke put in his resignation Monday and will be leaving Keller to go work in Argyle in two weeks.  In the past 13 months of serving on P&Z I got to know Richard and while I didn’t agree with him on some issues, I did gain a lot of respect for his abilities and hard work.  Richard was part of the old guard at City Hall having been employed by the City since the late 90’s.  With that experience, Richard could not only let you know what the UDC actually said, but could explain in detail the history on why the UDC was written that way. 

We wish Richard well in his endeavors and hope that he is as successful in Argyle as he was in Keller.  I’ve had some experience in Argyle back in the day and last night I told Richard to be sure to keep his head down as Argyle is a town known for a lot of political infighting.


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