Contrast and Compare KISD and the City of Keller

Big Bob sends an email pointing out a fact that I completely missed in the paper.  Keller ISD Board of Trustees (yeah, we can trust them), just approved a 10% raise for our Super Superintendent.  That’s a $20,000 raise!  Good for him, get all the money you can get is what I say, who cares if you are running a multi million dollar budget deficit.  Maybe you should run for Congress!!!

Meanwhile, over at City Hall, City Manager Dan O’Leary received an excellent review on his first year on the job and actually requested not to be considered for a raise due to the economic climate. 

I’ve sent an email to the communications director at KISD and to Mr. O’Leary asking for a comment on the contrasting viewpoints of our two fearless leaders.  You can also read something into the fact that I have to send an email to a communications director to get to the Super Superintendent, but can send an email directly to Dan O’Leary.

UPDATE:  That didn’t take long, a response from Dan O’Leary.


Traditionally in Keller, the City Manager’s compensation has been considered during the annual evaluation for a merit increase. I did not think it appropriate to consider a merit increase when other city employees were not eligible for merit increases this year due to a tight budget.

Dan O’Leary

I’ll update the post when/if I receive a response from KISD.

Update #2  12:49pm  Shellie Johnson sends along a press release that is 4 days old

Keller, TX – Keller ISD’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously Thursday evening to extend Superintendent Dr. James Veitenheimer’s three-year contract.

The Board extended Dr. Veitenheimer’s contract through 2012 by a vote of 7-0. The Trustees also approved a $20,000 raise to the Superintendent’s salary to keep it competitive with those in similar districts.

“Considering the difficult economic times, the Board believes it is in the best interest of the district to provide the superintendent with a competitive salary,” said Board of Trustees President Bob Apetz. “The Board has a desire to make district salaries, including the superintendent’s, competitive in today’s market.”

In an effort to put as little strain as possible on the school district’s budget during a national economic recession, the Board pledged to reduce its expenditures by at least $13,000 and put that toward the superintendent’s 3 percent raise (of $7,000) bringing the total increase to $20,000.

Keller ISD’s Superintendent contract is eligible for extension each year at the time of the position’s summative evaluation.

“I remain blessed to have the job of superintendent,” Veitenheimer said. “I appreciate the support of the KISD staff, administration and Board. I particularly appreciate the Board’s confidence in the direction of the school district.”

Veitenheimer has led Keller ISD since 2004. With the raise, his annual salary will be $225,000 beginning with the 2009-10 school year.



4 responses to “Contrast and Compare KISD and the City of Keller

  • Kellerite

    The only board member to vote against the raise for the superintendent was Dr. Farmer and he is not running again. Sad day.

  • Mike

    I have 20 rental houses in KISD, in the past month, two of my tenants have gotten laid off. For this jerk to take a 20 k raise is a slap in the face of every tax payer in Keller. He is the great super, and he will get his, screw everyone else hurting in Keller. I bet we could find a replacement in a hearbeat, for a heck of a lot less than he is making. Now, as for the city manager, Thats a real man! Not taking a raise during this tough economic time, GOOD FOR HIM

  • Big Bob

    You have to be pleased our city manager who is in synch with the current times and the people!! As for KISD and Dr. V, here is a chance for him to lead by example and refuse the raise!! That would be sending the right message to the entire school district who is struggling with their budget not to mentionhas as prinicpals what can they cut and/or eliminate from their campus to reduce cost!!

  • Randy Leake

    It is time for Dr. V to stand up and lead this district and refuse the pay raise. The weak excuses some board members made to justify the raise are insulting to every taxpayer in this district. Ms. Cotton statement shows she is not in touch with realty. She is obviously speaking as a public employee and not private sector member. Dr. V is okay but not great. The realty is Dr. V was not in demand when he came here and has not been since he arrived. We have several very capable employees within this district that could step up and lead if Dr. V left. We wouldn’t have to spend a dime in a search. I support Dr. V but the time has come for him to step up to the plate and show fiscal responsibility. Dr. V just say NO!!!!

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