I put my garbage can out as usual on Friday, and when I came home there was Red Tag saying that my garbage can was too large and they would no longer pick up my trash if I put the can out on the curb.  Allied Waste has been trying to renegotiate their contract for the last few months and this is their first volley in getting some pressure on the Council to reopen those negotiations.  I think it might just backfire as the City, and the citizens of Keller were very patient during the drivers strike Allied went through a couple  of years ago. 

My recommendation is for the City Attorney to go through the contract and put Allied on notice on every item in that contract that Allied is not living up to.  Two can play this game.  Fuel prices are less than half they were last summer, GDP dropped over 3.5% last quarter and peoples budgets are tight right now.  An increase in trash service is something the City should fight tooth and nail to show the citizens that it will fight on any increases in fees to the citizen during these tough times.


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  • Keller-Mike

    I am glad to see you finally became cognizant of the issues flying around Keller. Read the Keller Citizen’s (Jan 30) letters to the Editor and you can get the view from Allied. Tim Powell, General Manager for Allied will be presenting to the City Council on Tuesday. I invited our HOA residents to attend.

    Do I believe this was a retalitory strike by Allied? I am not entirely convinced either way, but I do understand that these HUGE trash containers are a safety hazard to their employees. Yes, this issue needs to be resolved by the CC and Allied but I am sure threats on either side aren’t going to get it done.

  • Doug Miller

    Mike, I very cognizant of the the issues, I’ve just chosen not to blog about all of them lately.

    Talked to both Assistant City Managers this morning, seems the contract has been looked at thoroughly by staff, city council members and the city attorney and at the present time Allied is in full compliance. Allied is coming in for a meeting this afternoon with the City Manager and Assistant City Manager Steve Polasek to try to work things out before the council meeting tomorrow.

    As one person I talked with at City Hall said, Allied can push only so far because their contract is up in 18 months and it won’t look good for them at that time.

    And Mike, this isn’t about the size of the containers, this is purely about money and how much of it Allied can get from the Citizens of Keller. Thier trucks need to be replaced to stay within compliance of the contract with Keller (maximum age 10 years), and instead of replacing them with the same type of trucks, they want us to subsidize the purchase of automatic trucks while at the same time saving a huge sum on manpower costs when they make the change.

  • Keller-Mike

    Well, at least you agree, there is not a D— thing we can do about the containers right now if Allied pushes the issue. to quote you..”Allied is in full complaince” for the next 18 months ”

    So, we either leave bags on the curb or buy a smaller container. The April 6 deadline is fast approaching.

    I for one don’t use a “large container” and don’t have a need for one with only 2 people in my household. And I don’t think I need to pay the same a someone who has a larger family and needs (at least in their mind) more capacity.

    I,too have talked to both sides on this issue..but , I don’t feel the need to “name drop”.

  • Doug Miller

    Mike, I suggest you take the time and set up a blog of your own since this one isn’t up to your standards.

    Then, I’ll come to your blog and drop snarky little comments on your posts.

    Until then, keep your snark to a minimum, as I don’t have near the patience as Jim Carson did on comments.

  • Keller-Mike

    No more comments from me..good luck

  • Logann Rieger

    where is the contract so that we can all look at as citizens of Keller

  • Logann Rieger

    where can review this contract. as citizens we should be able to see what our contract looks like since we are the ones that pay the charges

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