Pat Green

Pat Green is a Texas Country artist who got his start playing in small venues in college towns like Lubbock and Stephenville.  I’ve seen him in concert more times that I can count and  Shannon and I spent time with him backstage when I had a buddy working security for him at the stockyards who got us free passes to hang out and drink Pat’s beer for free.  He’s about as nice of a guy as you could ask a guy to be.

To say that I like his music would be an understatement as he is probably my favorite artist of the past 15 years.  When he’s in town, I try to go see him.  The best place to see him is when he plays a small venue like one of the bars in Stephenville.  He self released three studio albums and two live albums before he was signed to a Nashville record deal.  I, like a lot of his fans, was worried when he signed that he would loose his Texas flair and become just another over produced Nashville artist. 

To some extent, that happened during his time with Universal Records and the release of the successful Wave on Wave CD in 2003.  Those of us who used to go see Pat play in smokey bars and small clubs missed the days when he would sing the songs that made him a Texas legend.   Songs like Southbound 35, George’s Bar, Songs about Texas and Carry On.  His self released CD Pat Green Live at Billy Bob’s is one of the true classic country live albums.  I’ve owned 3 copies in the past decade due to wearing them out, or the fact the autographed copy that I got at a local concert got left by mistake in a truck that I traded in.

Pat released his new album What I’m Forthis week.  I was scheduled to go see him at The House of Blues on Tuesday but the fear of getting stuck in Dallas in an ice storm was even to much for me to endure.  He’ll be back in April at TMS and I’ll be there for that show and who knows, maybe I’ll sneak down to San Antonio or Houston or even up to Chicago to see him in the mean time.

The reason for this post is to let you know that his new CD is well worth the $10.  My favorite part is he has included a new version of Carry On, and while I think they overproduced it on this release compared to the raw original version, it still is exciting to a fan to see that Pat still loves his older stuff.  He actually says on the liner notes that he released the song differently just to rile his fans a little, the ones that complain about change.  I think he may be talking about me.   I have a good friend of mine that I complain to that Pat tends to play only his newer stuff at his bigger concerts, but tends to play his older stuff when you catch him at a small venue.  He tells me I’m just old and should get over it, and now I think Pat is telling me the same thing.

His first release off the album Let Meis a an almost Rock Ballad type of production with a country flair.  It has been getting a lot of airplay on the stations I listen to (not just local stations as I have XM) and is currently #13 on the Billboard Charts.  It’s a little too much of a “chick” song for my tastes, but I can see why it’s getting airplay.  It’s also one of only two songs on the CD that Pat didn’t write.

There are a few cuts in the CD that are true Pat Green and it rates up there enough that it will be heavy rotation on the boat this summer.  Go out and buy it, it’s well worth it.

I have been told the blog is too eclectic, that there isn’t a theme as we had at KellerCityLimits.  I agree, but I like it.  When I’m in the mood to write, I write about things I’m interested in.  The stock/futures market, politics, sports,  music and my family are all things I enjoy and I will continue to write about what pleases me, rather than a certain specific subject.  I also have the attention span of a gnat at times, and to force me to write about a limited subject would drive me crazy.

That way it doesn’t feel like a job, I have one of those and between that, my position on P&Z and being a single dad 4 days a week, I don’t need another one.  I’d much rather just sit down with a cold Shiner and a cigarette and listen to Pat Green sing one of his songs.


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