A good friend of mine was a VP at Citi and lived around the corner from me here in Keller.  He was a German Citizen and worked for years to get his Green Card, but after 9/11 it got more difficult for him to stay here.  He loved his time in Keller and both of his kids were born here.  He finally gave up a little over a year ago and took a job with a Swiss Bank and moved back to Europe. 

We still send emails back and forth and today he sent me this in response to my questions about Citi:

Yes, I am glad I got out of Citi when jobs were still to be found. Most of my old team got laid off, including the department head. Shame, there were some good people in there.

And you were right, Citi is starting to look different. Citicorp, they dug the old name back out, will be the core business, and Citi Holdings (rhymes with Shitty Holdings the way the Asian dude who runs City Grill in South Park, CO pronounces it) will hold the “let’s get rid of this crap” business like consumer finance and auto.

Great job, fat cat CEO’s. The smart employees saw this coming in late 2006, I kid you not, and nothing was done. Just like the Titanic …

I still wish I was in Texas though.


5 responses to “Citi

  • Randy Rasp

    Wow, you know Markus too?!?!?

  • Doug Miller

    Why yes I do!

  • Randy Rasp

    Wow, how cool. Small world!

    I met Markus at the airport (we both fly) and brewed beer with him on occasion. Reading your post made me think about him and then I realized I did have a way to contact him and just sent him an email.

    I had health issues around the time he moved away, lost touch, and wasn’t sure how to contact him, but your post refreshed my memory. I just realized I had a way to get his email address.


  • Doug Miller


    Let me know if you need his email, I have a couple of them.

    Yeah, he loved to fly, drink Bier (or the occasional hard liquor in my driveway) and his Jeep. That is how I know him, from when we used to go to OK and Arkansas with our Jeeps.

  • Randy Rasp

    Thanks Doug, we have made contact with each other and I just fired off another email to him!! I always wondered what happened to him.

    Perhaps I’ll get to meet you when he comes to town soon… I know he’s interested in having a Bier.

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