This is why you never give up

In my post below, I talk about playing hard even when you are up or down big.  The following video is the reason why….you just never know.

The video was made by the great Kenny Smith during my son’s senior season at KHS.  Keller really has a treasure in Kenny with all the hard work he does with both the football and baseball teams to document these kids memories for them.


2 responses to “This is why you never give up

  • Barb

    Never give up as always been my model. This video is thrilling and demonstrates the motto beautifully.

  • Steve

    The timing of the video to coincide with the Covenant fiasco is noticed. I would hope that you would recognize the

    A) difference in sports. Baseball and basketball do not line up to make the comparison that you would need to validate the theory of putting foot to backside is okay in a 100-0 game.

    B) the difference in outcomes. Most people have seen a nice comeback in baseball of 10 or even 12 runs. But, we are talking about 56-0 at HALF. There was not coming back from that.

    So, while the players in that video are to be commended for their never say die spirit, the Dallas Academy/Covenant situation is not similar

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