Been very busy

Been busy at work and at home and haven’t had much time to blog.  There was an interesting P&Z Meeting Monday night where a developer wanted to increase the density of his partially built subdivision.  I think under normal circumstances, he might have gotten his request, but it seems this developer mismanaged his jobsite and ended up flooding some neighbors yards and houses.  There was a full house of  residents at the meeting that weren’t very happy.

I asked the developer if he felt he had been a good neighbor?  His response?  Yeah, you guessed it, he felt he was.  When I asked if it was him that had come home to find 4″ of water in your front yard, would he then feel that the developer was a good neighbor?  His answer then was different.  Worse, word from City Staff was that it took some arm twisting by the City to get them to clean up their mess. 

I will admit, the developer has some Rod Blagojevich cojones for even asking for the zoning change though. 

Beware the video is not work or kid friendly.


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