NRH to Give Money for Storefront Updates

From the FWST:

Like many New Year’s resolutions, North Richland Hills’ include making a few improvements.

It’s offering businesses along three of its major traffic corridors free design ideas and up to $15,000 each for storefront improvements.

City officials say the Business Improvement & Growth Program is part of a strategy to economically boost businesses and infrastructure in its more mature neighborhoods.

“More people will want to frequent those businesses, and the city will benefit from improved property values and commerce in those areas,” said Craig Hulse, the city’s director of economic development.

The half-dozen businesses the city has already approached are excited about the program, Hulse said.

Might be something to look at for areas of 1709 in Keller also.


2 responses to “NRH to Give Money for Storefront Updates

  • Keller-Mike

    I have been monitoring this blog for sometime. I am sorry to say that it is very apparent that this blog will never take the place of KCL. That is, unless you don’t have a newspaper subscrition or want to learn about the Miller clan. Come on Doug!

  • Doug Miller

    Not a whole lot going on right now Mike.

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