The Miller’s Go To Washington

Talked with my mom and dad on the way home from work today and they informed me that they have received word that they do in fact have tickets to The Chosen One’s Inauguration Ceremony, and not only that, they get their choice of tickets to any ball they wish to attend.  I told my mom that dad is going to have to buy a pair of shoes other than his tennis shoes (or slippers).  Since he retired he refuses to dress up for anything and I think he’s thrown out all of his suits and dress shoes.

My dad worked hard for the President Elect, once driving his Cadillac nearly 200 miles in six degree weather with no heater and the rear window of the convertible top open because it was too cold to zip up.  He was also the first person in the country handing out Obama for President buttons at the Senators swearing in ceremony back in 2004.  It is still hard to imagine that a Goldwater Republican such as my father has changed so much that he is not only a Obama supporter, but is actually a friend of a sitting President who is a Democrat.  You can read more about my dad’s journey these last five years at his blog.

My dad and President Elect Obama in front of the Obamalac

My dad and President Elect Obama in front of the Obamalac in Fairfield, Iowa


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  • Richard Thompson

    I live here in Fairfield, Iowa and was present at the rally when this picture was taken. In fact, if you look closely (I wish it could be enlarged or have a full-resolution picture) I am on the other side of the Obamalac at the extreme left hand side (just above the hood). The Obamalac was quite a scene maker and a hit with the crowd. For a hot July 2007 town square rally Obama was able to draw quite a crowd – it was clear that if anyone could go the distance, he could.

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