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The article I hinted at previously came out in the Citizen on Friday.  I have been “off the grid” (a term my mother uses, meaning away from all computers), working on my boat and enjoying the great weather at the lake all weekend and haven’t had a chance to respond to the article until now.  When I first read the article, I had planned to dissect it and point out the flaws as I was disappointed that Sarah Junek relied more on a blog post rather than our interview.  She made it sound like Jim and I had some back and forth, when in fact she quoted lines directly out of the blog post in question without attributing it to the blog.

The other item that dissappointed me was the fact they didn’t put a link to the blog in either the paper or the on line article.

Traffic here has been steady at over 100 unique visitors a day and slowly building, so hopefully we can get back to where we were on KCL in the next few weeks as word gets out.

On another note, the commenting on this blog is a little different that KCL.  The first time you make a comment it will be held for moderation, but after you have one comment approved it will no longer hold your comment and publish it immediately.  This helps cut down on spam comments.


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