Do Not F*$% With The Jews

Robert McCain has a post up describing the responses to the recent acts in Gaza.  One of these days the west will have to start to fight without one hand tied behind their back. 

Marty Peretz describes the Israeli attack on Hamas in blunt terms:

So at 11:30 on Saturday morning, according to both the Jerusalem Post and Ha’aretz, as well as the New York Times, 50 fighter jets and attack helicopters demolished some 40 to 50 sites in just about three minutes, maybe five. Message: do not f*$% with the Jews.

This, says Glenn Greenwald, is a “uniquely despicable view” and Peretz is a “psychopath” for expressing it, because the Israeli attack will result in “the slaughter of scores of innocent Palestinians” and “several hundred Palestinian dead — including numerous children.”

Sherman’s sober words about the “terrible hardships of war” were written to the mayor of Atlanta, who had complained about the cruelty of the Union commander’s order for the evacuation of the civilian population of the city. Sherman’s merciless attitude was motivated by his belief that the South bore responsibility for starting the war, and thus had no legitimate grounds to complain about the consequences of war. Sherman furthermore believed that by devastating the interior of the Confederacy, destroying its infrastructure and resources, he would hasten the end of the war and thereby end its attendant misery:

We must have peace , not only at Atlanta, but in all America. To secure this, we must stop the war that now desolates our once happy and favored country. To stop war, we must defeat the rebel armies . . .

Understand that I am a native of Atlanta, taught from the cradle to hate Sherman as a wicked instrument of the War of Northern Aggression. Nevertheless, he had a point: Those who inaugurate war must be prepared to accept the consequences. Hamas decided to begin bombarding Israel, and continued that bombardment despite warnings. Surely Hamas has no right to complain of the predictable consequences.

I would remind Glenn Greenwald of the words of Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor, who declared that the 9/11 attacks represented “chickens coming home to roost” for America. Is it not possible, by the same standard, to see the Israeli attacks on Gaza as “chickens coming home to roost” for the Palestinians? Or how about we apply the standard of progressive hero Ward Churchill and view the allegedly innocent Palestinians as “little Eichmanns”?

Instead of imprecating Israel for its “brutal” and “grotesquely inhumane” policies, perhaps Greenwald and the rest of the Blame Israel First crowd ought to be grateful for the relative restraint Israel has shown in its response to the Hamas attacks. If the IDF had a Sherman in command, he would no doubt vow to “make Gaza howl” with a March to the Sea.

(BTW, it’s worth noting that Sherman’s attitude toward the media was ahead of its time: “I hate newspapermen. . . . I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are. If I killed them all there would be news from Hell before breakfast.”)


2 responses to “Do Not F*$% With The Jews

  • Dr.Ethiopia

    Nothing is brave about this title. I guess one could also have said ‘Do Not Fuck With Hitler”, when Jews were treated like cock roaches. How insensitive can the human mind be by taking a side in a great and profound misery like the one we are witnessing.

  • Doug Miller

    As I said, it’s time for the west to start fighting with two fists instead of one hand tied behind their back….maybe a march to the sea is overdue in the West Bank and Gaza.

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