The most controversial post I’ve made in a while

According to Jim Carson, I became boring on KCL.  At times I think I did become boring, but always informative.  Jim wanted controversy 24/7, and it wasn’t going to happen.

Jim quit on his blog and left it in our hands saying he would never return,  then 8 months later he decides to step in and close it down because it wasn’t exciting enough for him.  He lost an election because he always had to be controversial, never taking the easy way.  I supported him for those two years he served, as I think he shook City Hall up, and it needed it.  But, like most things controversial, Jim ran his course and the people that supported him even turned on him.

I spent hours and lots of money putting together the podcasts and other posts so that KCL would stay alive so that we would have an alternative source of news.  Jim chastised Mitch Holmes for not posting, but Jim didn’t post but maybe once or twice in the last eight months.  Even those that claim they don’t read the blog would stop and comment on items that were posted.  Just the other day I got a phone call from a sitting City Council member that claims not to read the blog with a tip on a story.  He felt it was important that the story was covered in a different way than it was in the papers.  He was thinking about he citizens that were affected by this situation, not on being controversial.

I offered to buy the blog from Jim, but he stated that the blog he created became boring and he wanted to shut it down.  So be it, it was his creation, his rules.  Jim failed to see the good the blog was doing even after he left, because after all, it wasn’t about him anymore.  Maybe that is why he ultimately failed as a City Councilman, because he couldn’t realize it wasn’t all about him, but about serving the citizens of Keller.  It is what I attempted to do after Jim’s departure from KCL, and it what I will atempt to do here.

In a few years, Jim will be all but forgotten in Keller, not unlike many that have served before him.  Nobody will remember the good that Jim did because he estranged so many people with his need to be the most controversial person in town.  And that is sad.

In the end, Jim suceeded, I became controversial for this post.


One response to “The most controversial post I’ve made in a while

  • louis

    I’ve been traveling over the holidays, so I didn’t really get a chance to comment over on the other site. IMO, Jim basically took his ball and went home. He got a lot of people stirred up about a lot of issues, got them to support him, and then bailed when it wasn’t about him anymore. I think you nailed it, in that when it could no longer be about him, he got bored. He never realized that good leaders make it about the people they serve, not about him.

    (And in my opinion, he ran a half-hearted, crappy reelection designed to lose, because he didn’t have the guts to not run for reelection.)

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