Musharraf resigns as Pakistan president

 Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf announced Monday that he will resign, just days ahead of impeachment in parliament over attempts by the U.S.-backed leader to impose authoritarian rule on his turbulent nation.

An emotional Musharraf said he wanted to spare Pakistan from a dangerous power struggle.

“I hope the nation and the people will forgive my mistakes,” Musharraf said in a televised address largely devoted to defending his record.

Musharraf dominated Pakistan for years after seizing power in a 1999 military coup, making the country a key strategic ally of the U.S. by supporting the war on terror. But his popularity at home sank over the years.

But his influence has faded steadily over the past year. He quit the pivotal post of army chief in November and his resignation was widely forecast.

Listening to a podcast today about Pakistan, the guest commented that he believes that Pakistan reminds him a lot of Iran in 1979……let’s hope not


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