Rangers Pitchers vs. their every day players

From Evan Grant’s newsletter:

Q: : With all the offensive heroics of the last few weeks, plus the continued pitching woes, do you see any hint of an “us” and “them” mentality in the clubhouse?

Patrick Nichols, Austin

GRANT: No, there hasn’t. This will sound like piling on Mark Teixeira, but I think he was more the kind of guy to hint at the pitchers not doing their job than anybody in the current clubhouse. The Rangers, to a man, seem to have bought into the idea that they are growing something special and that may mean some difficult times for the young pitchers. I think there is some level of frustration for everybody in the clubhouse, but I don’t think there has been any finger-pointing. Not the way this team seems to focus on being able to score the last run of the game.

As a reminder, CJ Wilson mentioned earlier in the year that Tex was a cancer in the locker room.  This year seemed to be all a bed of roses until last night.  Marlon Byrd flat called CJ Wilson out after his episode on the mound when the skipper went to get him out of the game. 

It is time for the pitching to step up, the offense and defense on this team has been a lot better than their record shows.


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