25% Chance You Will Not Arrive on Time

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. airlines carried 6 million fewer passengers and flew thousands fewer flights in the first half of 2008 but still posted their second-worst on-time performance rate in 14 years with over a quarter of all trips late, the government said on Tuesday.

The on-time rating of 73.3 percent was just slightly better than the record low 72.6 percent in the first half of last year, even though operations contracted due to record fuel prices and bankruptcies. Several small airlines ceased operations this year.

Tell me something I don’t already know.  American only arrives about 64% of the time “on time”, not to mention the 45 minute wait on your luggage at D/FW.


One response to “25% Chance You Will Not Arrive on Time

  • Shannon

    American will always try to say things to make the delays not look/feel so bad…like, “look guys, we made some time up in the air and we have arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule and we will get you to your gate way ahead of time!” only to have you sit in FRONT of the gate and then you hear this…”sorry guys, we did our part to get you here early, but the ground crew is not ready for us, so we are going to sit here for 15-20 minutes.” or “sorry guys, but the plane that is at the gate that we are to come into, is still there and we have to sit here for 15-20 minutes.”

    A delay is a delay…you can dress it up and put lipstick on it, but it is still a delay.

    However, with this being said…as you know, I travel mostly every week and have been doing so for 5 plus years and the delays that I have had, have not been too bad. The delays that I look forward to are the ones that just go ahead and cancel and not keep me there waiting for a decision.

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